NewLimit is treating age-related disease to extend human healthspan.

NewLimit is developing epigenetic reprogramming medicines to treat diseases with large unmet needs.

NewLimit is composed of experts across cell biology, genomics, computational biology, machine learning, and operations.

We collaborate across disciplines to design  experiments and models that build upon each other.

We work iteratively and move quickly to build technologies and generate enabling data. Each experiment informs the next.

NewLimit’s organizational strategy and operations team work to continually increase the efficiency of our product progress per unit time, dollars spent, and equity burned.

Our Values

Inherent optimism
‍We’re attempting a moonshot. We never want to let pessimism creep into our thinking, and we never want to delude ourselves either. Always seek truth and see reality for what it is.
Mission focused
NewLimit’s mission is ambitious and important. We seek to make the workplace an environment where we can focus our full attention on making progress toward our goal.
Clear communication
‍We value communication that is concise, clear, energizing, and kind.
Independent thinking
We don’t let negative third parties derail us from accomplishing our mission. We seek input from parties who have our best interest at heart, and come to our own conclusions. We have the courage to do the right thing, even in the face of criticism.
Top talent in every seat
We’re a high performance team. We hire and develop the best. We cast a wide net to find great people from any background. We expect the most of our employees, and continuously work to earn their commitment.
To have the impact we want, we’ll need to generate large revenue streams. We don’t apologize for building a for-profit company; on the contrary, we feel it is a key part of our strategy that will help accomplish the mission.
Safety, then speed
Once reasonable steps have been taken to ensure safety, recognize that speed of execution is paramount. Bias for action, and avoid endless debates. Action produces information. Constantly look for ways to eliminate inefficiency and improve cycle time.
Everyone Executes
There are no pure management roles at NewLimit. Everyone in the organization has influence over our strategic direction, and every role contributes toward the day-to-day execution of that strategy.

Our Investors

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