A discovery engine for epigenetic therapies.

We are building a novel platform to discover epigenetic reprogramming therapies at industrial scale.

Discovery Process

1. Deliver transcription factors to specific cell types.

2. Perform screens with multi-omic read-outs to measure the impact of reprogramming with 100-1000 unique combinations of factors per experiment.

3. Use functional assays to determine robustness of reprogramming.

4. Predict the most effective transcription factors for the next round of experimentation using machine learning.

5. Repeat steps 1-4: further refinement and selection of transcription factor sets.

An abstract cell

Enabling technologies for the discovery of epigenetic medicines.

Epigenetic editing

The cells of your body possess the same DNA code, but epigenetic instructions determine which pieces of the code are used to perform the cell’s function. With age, the epigenetic landscape can change, reducing cell function and regenerative potential.

We can reprogram the epigenome to restore the instructions that each cell had when we were young. Nature has already created complex molecular machines that can achieve this task, and biotechnology now allows us to design entirely new epigenetic reprogramming tools from first principles.

Single cell genomics

Each cell is unique, but traditional tools have failed to resolve those differences. Single cell genomics now allows us to measure rich molecular profiles from millions of individual cells, unlocking previously intractable questions about the biology of epigenetic aging.

We combine single cell profiling with new cell reprogramming methods that take advantage of molecular barcoding and CRISPR technology to test thousands of hypotheses in a single experiment. This scale accelerates NewLimit’s discovery engine.

Machine learning

Performing many experiments is necessary, but not sufficient for the success of our mission. We need to determine the best possible experiments to extend our knowledge of aging biology and drive us toward effective medicines.

NewLimit uses machine learning models to prioritize our experimental efforts, ensuring that new experiments reveal new biology or improve our reprogramming interventions.

Taking advantage of NewLimit’s single cell genomics data, we are also developing models to perform informative experiments in silico, allowing us to interpret single cell profiles in terms of cellular age and function.

A different approach for a different outcome.

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NewLimit is committed to increasing the number of healthy years in each human life. We'll do that by advancing the most imperative areas of the science of aging and formulating practical medicines along the way.

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