We are an eclectic group of builders, on an ambitious mission.

Our Leadership
Blake Byers
Brian Armstrong
Greg Johnson
Co-founder, Head of Machine Learning
Jacob Kimmel
Co-founder, Head of Research
Our Scientific Advisors
Alex Marson
Scientific Advisor
E. John Wherry
Scientific Advisor
Mark M. Davis
Scientific Advisor
Our Team
Alex Méndez-Mancilla
Senior Scientist
Burak Dura
Principal Scientist
Conner Kummerlowe
Data Scientist
David Reynolds
Senior Scientist
Erin Abernathy
Executive Assistant
Katie Gipe
Lab Operations Manager
Lucas Seninge
Machine Learning Scientist
Nader Alerasool
Rachel Hovde
Senior Engineer
Sophie Bax
Research Associate
Wes McKeithan
Senior Scientist
Yana Blokhina

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