Welcome Greg Johnson and Jacob Kimmel

April 2, 2022

Brian Armstrong

I’m excited to announce that we have two new members of the team.

Greg Johnson

Head of Machine Learning

Greg Johnson

Greg builds teams that accelerate research by using statistical methods to predict the outcomes of biological experiments.

Prior to NewLimit, Greg led and contributed to special projects at Amazon. Before that, he led the development of novel machine learning methods at the Allen Institute for Cell Science. Greg is best known for inventing technology to label diverse tissue structures in silico and developing generative models to propose and prioritize hypotheses for high-throughput experimentation.

Greg received a PhD in computational biology and a MS in biomedical engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, and BS in bioengineering from California Lutheran University.

Jacob Kimmel

Head of Research

Jacob Kimmel

Jacob uses genomics and machine learning methods to identify and manipulate the genetic programs that define cell identity.

Prior to NewLimit, Jacob led a research laboratory focused on epigenetic reprogramming as a Principal Investigator and Computational Fellow at Calico.
His program developed methods to infer and perturb cell identity programs using single cell genomics.

His lab leveraged these tools to discover reprogramming strategies that restore youthful features in aged cells.

Jacob received a Ph.D. in stem cell biology from the University of California San Francisco.

We are speaking with an exciting slate of candidates, and taking our time to build a unique culture. Please reach out if you’re interested in joining NewLimit.